Art Tips & Life Blips: Illustration Career Tips ft. Fashion Illustration Timelapse

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  1. You are awesome man!!!!!!!!

  2. Consistency is the key!

  3. When I watch your videos I always want to drawing. :3 You my inspiration !

  4. Glad I found your channel…informative & well done.

  5. Dude this was sooo helpful, thanks man. I couldn’t have seen this at a
    better time. Love the face cam, cool to see the person behind it all

  6. I didn’t even know art was a thing for a long time until a friend clued me
    in on it. Then after that it wasnt even a hobby. I’ve only been a real
    artist for a few years now. But i’ll make a video addressing this question
    and explain it in detail for ya!

  7. Hey Sander! Pretty sure I know you from from before as well, but I
    may be wrong. Regardless, I’m really happy this video helped! Helping and
    giving smiles are all I want to do. And thanks. It’s a little more work
    editing-wise, but I enjoy it more than just doing a voice over all the

  8. Thomas-Andy Butnariu

    be ready for more subscribers man, awesome video tutorials :D

  9. Why are you so cute Alis?! I’m honored to be your inspiration!!

  10. Beautiful work, very helpful video!!!

  11. GOD those colors!!!!!!

  12. The hat love you too, my friend.

  13. Thanks Hitsu!

  14. Hey no problem! It was a great question! Thank you for asking it :)

  15. Congrats on the subscribers! What I was wondering: Did you have trouble
    finding out if you wanted to be an artist, or keep it as a hobby? Or are
    you one of the people that have had the dream since they were a kid?
    Because if you are in the first category, I would really love to know how
    you figured it out!

  16. Congrats on your # of subscribers.

  17. Thanks man. I’m a fan of your work. First saw it on Facebook a few months
    back. You’re amazing!

  18. Haha, thanks a lot! That means a lot to me :D ! I’ll try to make better
    videos so I deserve them!

  19. Hey Seage. Thanks for the video. Since graduating I’ve been working in the
    animation industry down here, but wow, did my illustration suffer for it.
    I’ve practically stopped updating altogether. I’ve recently decided to quit
    and go freelance and it’s pretty terrifying – especially the part about
    consistency. Stable job = less time to improve drawing, while freelance =
    unstable and uncertain until I have the work. Anyway, thanks agian, was
    some good points you raised. :)

  20. Thanks! :D I’m pretty sure I remember you from back in the day. Am I

  21. Glad I could give a friendly reminder! I totally get you. For the longest
    while I KNEW this, but didn’t put it into action until recently. And now I
    regret not starting earlier, because I’m seeing how much it’s paying off!
    Thanks for the well wishes and compliments!!!

  22. Thank you :)

  23. Thanks for watching miss! I’m hoping you were busy with awesome jobs or
    working on your project! :D Thanks a lot, as usual! Haha.

  24. 100% Agreed ;)

  25. Awesome! I also love the hat. ;)