Art Tips & Life Blips: RAGE! ft, Speed Painting

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  1. Peter Palmiotti

    I Positively agree! :)

  2. this is a really good video man, it’s really help me come to terms with this depression I’m currently going through, I just gotta find a source that works for me and use it! thanks!

  3. Nice vid!

    And this is exactly where I am right now …. it sucks. :( I am looking for positive things and I’ve slowly .. SLOWLY coming out of this darkness. RAGE sucks :(

  4. Nice video bro :)

  5. ya rage is good but hard to maintain, and leave you dry but hey if u can maintain it its good :D . ahhah . are u working full time as illustrator now . by the way the school u are talking about is it sheridan. thx for the vid

  6. Nice and motivating :)

  7. Great vid. I really relate to the story you told… a similar thing happened to me, leaving school and then getting burned out and everything. Looking forward to more!