Decorative Gourd Art & Crafts Ideas : Tips for Painting on Gourds

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  1. I totally disagree with using leather dyes on gourds. They look nice when first applied, but they fade quickly with sun exposure. Unless you are leaving your gourd art in a dark room be prepared for them to fade badly.

  2. lovncountrylife1

    thank you for all the information, i love the videos, i am just starting to learn how to do this so they are very helpful. i was wondering if the gourd bowls that a person makes can be used for actual use of a bowl for food? If so how would you coat them to be safe?

  3. OrganicGarden123

    Wow. All of this lady’s ExpertVillage gourd videos are just awesome. So clear. Concise. Educational. Inspiring.

  4. cool man. people make backbacks out of dried pumpkins and stuff. want to try that some time man.☮