Fantastic Pencil 3D Illusion – Drawing a Sphere – 3D Art

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  1. Ur so awesome

  2. How do you get better at drawing over all and what supplies do you need

  3. it’s amazing..*-*

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  5. Man your great

  6. Those kids in the end were right… ahhhhhh xDD :D GOOD JOB!

  7. Davi Mikaell Caldas de Queiroz


  8. How long did it toke you to do that?? But its really nice <3

  9. Can you draw justin Bieber in 3d?

  10. Wow! That was amazing! I love the technique and the 2 drawings at the end!
    The angel is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  11. whats the name from this gray thing with which to wipe

  12. It’s amazing!!! WOW

  13. At 3:20 it looked like a Yorkshire pudding! :) 

  14. I would like you to draw a picture where can i email u at??

  15. It’s amazing sir

  16. wow

  17. draw a rain drop with a rainbow reflecting on it!!

  18. MorganGaming HD

    what rubber is that? please i need to know

  19. настя шаркадий


  20. beautiful design

  21. i love it

  22. Simple, i love simple !!

  23. David García Coronado

    It’s Awesome!! I learned a lot

  24. ILoveMineCraftFoEver

    I keep on forgeting its not a real sphere XD

  25. Jeselle Arcilla

    My eyes are playing tricks…. I love your drawing ! :)