Halloween Prop Painting Tips and Tricks Using Dry Brushing

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  1. Eerie Acres Cemetery

    Im thrilled to hear that!!!! I am always glad to help people out anyway I

  2. I repainted all of my tombstones using this technique and they look 1000x
    better! Thanks for your great tutorial.

  3. EXCELLENT! very helpful video, more please.

  4. Eerie Acres Cemetery

    Its hard to say, the gray I use its a medium shade but really its up to you
    as you can make it lighter or darker depending how much you apply. After 25
    stones you will be an expert!!

  5. I will be attempting this on roughly 25 tombstones :D My question for you
    is, how light should the gray be?

  6. Awesome tutorial! Thanks man!

  7. Eerie Acres Cemetery

    Very good tip!!!

  8. The only tip I can give is to place your tombstone on a flat surface so
    that you can get long even strokes of dry brushing.

  9. Eerie Acres Cemetery

    I got them from Kingmetals-com I ordered the 3/4 inch plastic ones which
    fit over the 1/2 inch pvc when heated with a heat gun first. They are
    pretty cheap and ship really quick!

  10. Where did you get the toppers for your fencing?

  11. Eerie Acres Cemetery

    Thanks everyone!

  12. Nice how to!

  13. Nice job!

  14. HalloweensFinest

    That looks awesome! Thanks for posting! :)

  15. bransonhauntedhills

    That does look great. I want some of those little pillars.

  16. looks great thanks for sharing !!!

  17. HollywoodHaunter

    It all looks awesome, we have some of those little pillars and just love
    them. That paint technique really works well and is perfect for the stone
    cemetery type props Nice job =)

  18. Eerie Acres Cemetery

    Thanks! I am on the hunt for larger versions of these pillars(plastic not
    plaster) so I can put them outside but haven’t had any luck yet :(

  19. Eerie Acres Cemetery