How to Plan a Wall Mural Painting : Wall Mural Stroke Painting Tips

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  2. You are awesome!

  3. really disappointed. Your mural is beautiful. However, your video is
    nothing like how title sounds. I thought u were gonna show how to “LAY OUT”
    a mural, such as how u start (ex. drawing, flower placement, etc.). …. If
    I wanted 2 know how to use brushes, which I do know that flatbrush
    one-stroke style, I woulda looked up a video on that. This video showed not
    one thing about “how to lay out a mural”. Just saying. No offense. U r cute
    and a good painter tho. Hehe ;) have a good one. :)

  4. mrfranchesco182

    please show us vedios wen your painting the mural we want to se your
    teknics and what kind of paint you use i am bery interested on how to lorn
    to do all this nice work

  5. I think he is doing beautiful work, and I see nothing wrong with the doves.
    Wish I could learn to do that.

  6. At 2:00 I just find that the doves weren’t given as much care as the
    flowers or the vines, almost like they were simply built up with dry brush.

  7. beautiful painting

  8. most of your videos are shit to me. you are a great painter but none of the
    info is fucking useful.

  9. yep i wish i could have punched a ‘play all’ button. ur makin me work for
    this. waves~~~

  10. i agree, if you look closer or have a good monitor, you can see how
    intricate the doves are because you can see individual feathers… it’s
    harder to see bc there’s more shadow there and they dont really do a close
    up of it and it doesn’t have much of a varied color range

  11. Everything their looks great but the doves looks like lazy work.

  12. bradwatson7324

    [with great sarcasm] Oh, yes. It’s that easy.

  13. i like your work .. plzzzzzz paint my wall too .. it was simply amazing

  14. great

  15. This is so cool! I am just starting painting a mural and need some help.
    What paints should I use (brands)? Do I need to varnish it when I’m done?
    If yes, with what? Thanks!

  16. how do you mean/

  17. This is pretty much the same thing as Donna Dewberry’s “One Stroke

  18. NubiaSahara M

    How much it cost a mural?

  19. tnks for your videos i really love them because i can learn a lot from you.

  20. Holy shit, an actual expert on Expert Village.

  21. i jizzed in my pants