How to use various Photoshop painting techniques | tutorial

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  1. TailsDollFleetway

    Which tablet is it exactly?

  2. Uhmm Robot?

  3. BEST tutorial ever. The greatest idea i’ve seen here, is pre-picking the colours needed for the image..

  4. Thumbs up for Microsoft Sam.

  5. wow at first you sounded like Seto Kaiba..nice tutorial btw :D

  6. how did you call up this giant color picker ? got a intuos 4. i was always looking for that feature

  7. 0thekawasakiboy0

    Hello, i have an Intous 4 , and i wonder, how to make the Brush size on the wheel work, Nothing happends

  8. Cool video :D

    What kind of tablet do you use? I’m thinking about asking for one for Christmas, but I’m not sure which one would be good.