Interior Painting Tips # 2. SECRET REVEALED!

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  1. Sorry, meant “Knackers”

  2. Some how I missed this clip??
    I use water a lot and also use it for my enamel rollers,save so much turps.
    Another tip is after you clean up with the turps,give it a quick rinse with

  3. Uncle Knacker, what is a “slab?”

  4. almost 3 slabs.. hehe. great advise there uncle knacks

  5. I am not only wear latex gloves but a shower cap too because i will paint
    my hair as well as paint the wall

  6. Cheers mate. Thanks for the comment. Hope your jobs are working out well
    for you.

  7. Thanks for the comment mate.

  8. Watch quite a few of your videos uncle knackers, thanks mate, you have
    saved me a bloody fortune on getting trades in. Ripper

  9. Lol. Great idea! Cheers mate