Mar 15

Unusual Art Tips #2 – Attention

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Mar 15

Winning snapshots in British Wildlife Photography Awards all set to come to Moors Valley

winning photographs from an well known photography contest would be there on display at the Moors Valley Country Park. British Wildlife Photography Awards exhibit, from 19th March till 4th May, would feature the best of thousands and thousands of lovely entries relishing the diversity and beauty of British wildlife.

This year’s winners, among the categories, include a gannet breeding colony, Scottish woodland and a puffin in jaws of an otter. Alex Mustard, based in Hampshire, won 2 of the contest’s sixteen categories with his snapshots of blue sharks off Cornish coast.

In general, central London was the spot for Lee Acaster’s winning picture of a greylag goose against a city skyline. Chris Packham, a wildlife photographer, naturalist and TV presenter  is a very keen supporter of the contest and has also showcased his images at the Moors Valley. Continue reading →

Mar 15

Wildlife photography contest open for entries

Photographers just have month left to submit their photos to a well known annual photography competition.

The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, Conservation charity that runs the contest, is now looking for snapshots which put Worcestershire’s grand wildlife as well as wild places into the frame.

Winning snapshots would feature in the 2016 calendar of the trust. Trust’s communications manager Wendy Carter that the contest is popular with photographers throughout Worcestershire. Previous year, they had two-hundred and fifty snapshots entered by more than fifty photographers. They always impressed not just with the quality of the photos but also with the range of wildlife that people are looking at. What they are noticing more and more each year is just how much wildlife people are seeing in their own gardens. Continue reading →

Feb 15

RC Painting Tips: Using silver to paint dark over light

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Feb 15

Biology students loving wildlife photography

Typical biology classes in college require a great deal of memorization. But, at the Maryville College, they have found a unique course to teach students about the world around them by securing photographic memories.

Maryville Colleges professor of biology and wildlife photography Dr. Drew Crain said that this is not only a science class. And it is not just an art class. It is an art-meets-science class. For around 10 years, Crain has introduced a course which develops a great understanding of biology by offering students exposure via lenses of high quality shooters to click wildlife.

Crain told that they are not photography majors. Many of them, the closest they have come to taking a great photo is taking their iPhone out at a concert. With technology today, people could take a good snap. His challenge to these students is to take great shots. Continue reading →

Jan 15

Acrylic Painting Tips and Techniques, Glazing, Techniques, Part 1 Apples Under Painting

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Dec 14

My Drawing Materials

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