Mar 14

Canvas size what ratio to use in Digital art

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Feb 14

Nail Art – Tips From A Professional

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Jan 14

Art Photography

A brand new arrival at the Fashion Island is introducing a world of visuals to Newport Beach and also letting pro photographers to show their works to new audiences. YellowKorner, Sleek French art photography gallery, gives limited version prints from photographers across the world, along with an aim of democratizing art photography. Every high quality snap is supplied and numbered with an authenticity certificate.

Melissa Geens, the owner of YellowKorner gallery, told that after analyzing different choices, Fashion Island appeared to be a real perfect fit. Not just it offers them a good exposure to open the first gallery on West Coast, the public here matches their aim customers. Lots of their visitors express their excitement when discovering YellowKorner concept.

Prices at revolving gallery ranges from $75 to $4500, as well as sizing include 40 by 60 inch, 24 by 36 inch, 10 by 15 inch as well as 8 by 12 inch options, as told by the photographer. Geens told that new photographs are included to the catalog in every 2 weeks. They also alter the display at gallery every other week. Continue reading →

Jan 14

Fantastic Pencil 3D Illusion – Drawing a Sphere – 3D Art

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Art Tips & Life Blips: Illustration Career Tips ft. Fashion Illustration Timelapse

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Nov 13

Halloween Prop Painting Tips and Tricks Using Dry Brushing

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Nov 13

Pat Toth-Smiths encounter with buffalo

Confronting a herd of buffalo on a snowbound path in the Yellowstone National Park in United States, Pat Toth Smith counted her options. She called up all the tales she had been told regarding bison charging people and cars who would get very close to them, ensuing in terrible wounds and even death. Smith sat noiselessly on her snowmobile and she waited.

Around fifteen minutes in the standoff, the resident of Benicia did what comes to her naturally – she took out her camera and begun taking pictures. Some of those snaps, with a description of how they were taken, are shared in her book called – Wild Among Us: True adventures of a female wildlife photographer.

In a recent interview, the fifty seven year old told that there is something incredible about seeing a wild animal. It is like you’re tapping into a primitive side.

For over twenty years, Smith went to wild places to click amazing snaps of animals on their home starting from mountain lions to wolves to polar bears. A former also carved out a niche selling those snaps in art shows, galleries as well as on her website.

She told that this is a kind of a process which evolved for her. She had a whole lot of fears regarding traveling or hiking alone, but she has always had a philosophy that she would rather fail than to not do something because she was afraid to do that. Therefore, she had to push herself to do it.