Paul Nicklen wins wildlife photographer award

Who does not love penguins; they are funny, cuddle, and remarkably graceful at times. But photographer Paul Nicklen has done something more interested. With his picture of penguins called ‘Bubble-jetting emperors’, he has just won the Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer Year title.

Capturing those penguins was not an easy task. Paul was near a penguin colony in a full frozen region of the Antarctica’s Ross Sea. One day, he saw a hole and thought that the emperor penguins would come out from the water with this hole and they would be a perfect time to click them. He waited underwater with his camera and breathed with a snorkel to avoid producing bubbles.

By the time when the penguins came, his fingers were frozen. They were moving very fast and therefore he had to take the picture quite fast forgetting about focusing and framing.

He told that it was really a great a site, hundreds of penguins forced themselves out of the water and stood on to the ice above him. He felt incredible after taking the snap and thought that it was a once in a lifetime kind of event and he would never forget it.

Paul is a well known figure when it comes to clicking pictures of animal inhabitants of the coolest regions of the world. In his career, he clicked leopard seals, walruses, polar bears and a whole lot of other species in the tundra backdrop. All his pictures have a deep environmental message and he is concerned about global warming and how the environment is changing.


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