T4G Painting Tips 8- How to Paint Bright Gold Metal

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  1. Do you have a specific sight to get your figures?

  2. myworldinpink x

    whats the name of the song at the beggining?

  3. TaleOfFourGeeks

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  4. chocholmaster

    really good toutorials !

  5. Christopher Denmark

    Great video. Can’t wait for your bright silver, not happy with my results
    so far and looking for inspiration.

  6. Thanks for these tips Jon, I’ve recently been using lahmian medium to thin
    my shades and its been working out brilliantly. Cheers!

  7. +1 to using purple to wash/glaze gold. I always use it. With my old
    Lizardmen army one of the comments I used to get regularly was how people
    liked the gold and it is so easy to achieve. Great vid Jon, one covering
    Brass with the new GW paints would be great :)

  8. Another great vid! Useful stuff for us painting newbs. Cheers Jon