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Feb 15

Biology students loving wildlife photography

Typical biology classes in college require a great deal of memorization. But, at the Maryville College, they have found a unique course to teach students about the world around them by securing photographic memories.

Maryville Colleges professor of biology and wildlife photography Dr. Drew Crain said that this is not only a science class. And it is not just an art class. It is an art-meets-science class. For around 10 years, Crain has introduced a course which develops a great understanding of biology by offering students exposure via lenses of high quality shooters to click wildlife.

Crain told that they are not photography majors. Many of them, the closest they have come to taking a great photo is taking their iPhone out at a concert. With technology today, people could take a good snap. His challenge to these students is to take great shots. Continue reading →

Dec 14

My Drawing Materials

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Jan 14

Fantastic Pencil 3D Illusion – Drawing a Sphere – 3D Art

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Oct 12

Drawing /Painting Glass of Water (Part 1)- Tips for Charcoal and Pencil Drawing

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Oct 12

Art Tips for Drawing & Illustrating : Art: Setting Prices

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Oct 12

Art Tips for Drawing & Illustrating : Art: Getting in the Mood

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Oct 12

Art Tips for Drawing & Illustrating : Art: Cross Hatch Drawing

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