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Aug 16

Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards attracts 46000 entries

Outstanding photographs, attractively fragile nature, championing top ethical wildlife photography measures: a panel of judges from all over the world uses this criterion to fix the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards.

The renowned contest, owned by Natural History Museum, is open to all pro, amateur and youth photographers. It gets 46000 entries from ninety-six nations this year.
Out of all these entries, the judges panel viewed as young local photographer, Josiah Launstein, 10, worthy as a competitor in his age category not once, but two-times in the 2015 contest. His presented images – ‘Snowy snowy’ and ‘Goose attack’ – are now displayed in the museum in London, and would tour more than seventy nations over the next few months.
Josiah Launstein’s older sister, Jenaya also has a reputation for clicking award-winning wildlife images. She was honored with Youth Photographer of the Year title in the year 2013 in Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards. Continue reading →

Oct 12

Free Hand Banner Tips, Painting Stands, and Pics of Finished Model

Movie Ranking: four / five

Oct 12

Airbrush painting 5 (tips & tricks) – Thinning paint for airbrushing, Vallejo model air style

Movie Score: five / 5

Oct 12

Airbrush painting 1 (tips & tricks) – Intro to my beginners airbrush model painting tutorial series

Video Rating: four / 5