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Dec 15

Women Learning Photography Together

A local meet up group Women Learning Photography Together offers all services related to photography, along with a great dose of camaraderie and friendship. The group that numbers hundred-fifty active members is not just learning photography, but also sharing their work in a public way – with a display on the 1st, 4th and 5th floors of The Beaverton Building, W. Millikan Way. The exhibit will go on till the end of December.

The members of the group include some of those who are comparatively new to the art of photography and few who have been fans for years, but all, it appeared, were delighted for the opportunity to share their pictures with the public.

Janna Lopez, a Beaverton resident who works for Croatian bareboat charter, has three shots on the display, said that she submitted three snaps and got such great feedback. She just loved the feeling. For a lot of the ladies, including her, this is their first big pubic exhibit.

Aloha resident Wendy Sullivan-Weest is also a member of the group. She has her three images on display. She told that she is very excited. She believed that they were magnificent photos. She is utterly impressed by all these ladies’ images and vision.

The group also drops a substantial amount of time on education. Their members have come to know from pro-photographers, from experts in photography software, like Photoshop and Lightroom, regarding High-dynamic-range photography, light painting and a lot more.

Mar 15

Winning snapshots in British Wildlife Photography Awards all set to come to Moors Valley

winning photographs from an well known photography contest would be there on display at the Moors Valley Country Park. British Wildlife Photography Awards exhibit, from 19th March till 4th May, would feature the best of thousands and thousands of lovely entries relishing the diversity and beauty of British wildlife.

This year’s winners, among the categories, include a gannet breeding colony, Scottish woodland and a puffin in jaws of an otter. Alex Mustard, based in Hampshire, won 2 of the contest’s sixteen categories with his snapshots of blue sharks off Cornish coast.

In general, central London was the spot for Lee Acaster’s winning picture of a greylag goose against a city skyline. Chris Packham, a wildlife photographer, naturalist and TV presenter  is a very keen supporter of the contest and has also showcased his images at the Moors Valley. Continue reading →

Mar 15

Wildlife photography contest open for entries

Photographers just have month left to submit their photos to a well known annual photography competition.

The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, Conservation charity that runs the contest, is now looking for snapshots which put Worcestershire’s grand wildlife as well as wild places into the frame.

Winning snapshots would feature in the 2016 calendar of the trust. Trust’s communications manager Wendy Carter that the contest is popular with photographers throughout Worcestershire. Previous year, they had two-hundred and fifty snapshots entered by more than fifty photographers. They always impressed not just with the quality of the photos but also with the range of wildlife that people are looking at. What they are noticing more and more each year is just how much wildlife people are seeing in their own gardens. Continue reading →

Feb 13

Wildlife photography program returns

The well known wildlife photography course is coming back to Lough Neagh Discovery Centre. Danny Gibson, a Semi-professional photographer, will host the 2nd of his series of 4 courses. The 2 day course will take place on Friday, 25th January, and Saturday, 26th January , from 10 am to 4 pm and it is open to all ability expertise and levels.

Danny Gibson is a full time member of AWFN (Amateur Wildlife Filmmakers Network) and also a Craigavon Borough Council employee. He has been clicking wildlife pictures in his spare time for 3 years with a long portfolio that specializes in outdoor and wildlife photography.

His eapertness has already been called upon by the in both radio and television with Danny Gibson featuring on BBC’s ‘Wild Week Live’ show and BBC Radio Ulster’s ‘Your Place and Mine’ program and having his snaps printed in different publications and calendars. The photography course will be first based at covering photographic theory, sample shots, field craft, techniques and equipment. the 2nd day will be outdoor and that will be based on working from natural cover and hides on the nature covering macro photography of fungi as well as taking pictures of bird species.

The whole program will cost £ 120 each person and it would offer all the important techniques and information required to get started in capturing the pictures of wildlife. Participants are told to bring their own equipments for photography and perfect outdoor clothings. To know more about the whole course, then contact the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre.

Jan 13

Indian photographer grabs National Geographic award

Pune Regional Transport Office’s assistant regional transport officer S. Bhor was recently honored at the Viewers’ Choice Award event presented by National Geographic for his talent when it comes to wildlife photography. The amateur photographer got an award in nature category for his picture called – Tender Moment which portrays a shot of a mom cheetah along with her cub at Masai Mara National Park. Around 22000 entries from 150 countries were received by the channel for the competition.

Bhor told that the cheetah is well known for her habit of climbing up on vehicles to spot the prey. The photo was clicked while she was teaching her cub how to spot and hunt prey. He added that since the plains in the Masai Mara has less trees, the cheetah have learnt to climb on the vehicles.

The amateur photographer told that they had been watching the cheetah mom and her cubs for a long time and they were expecting to see the mom go for a kill. He took the picture in the evening light. It was really an unguarded moment.

It was around ten years ago that Bhor became interested in photography and he used to study photography techniques online. Later he had also taken a formal training.

Bhor has not let go the opportunity to go to a national reserve or a wildlife sanctuary through India and across the world. He told that he is not a full time photographer as he tends to be busy with work. But when he gets chance, he watches wildlife and click photographs. It is a kind of relaxation for him.

Dec 12

Paul Nicklen wins wildlife photographer award

Who does not love penguins; they are funny, cuddle, and remarkably graceful at times. But photographer Paul Nicklen has done something more interested. With his picture of penguins called ‘Bubble-jetting emperors’, he has just won the Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer Year title.

Capturing those penguins was not an easy task. Paul was near a penguin colony in a full frozen region of the Antarctica’s Ross Sea. One day, he saw a hole and thought that the emperor penguins would come out from the water with this hole and they would be a perfect time to click them. He waited underwater with his camera and breathed with a snorkel to avoid producing bubbles.

By the time when the penguins came, his fingers were frozen. They were moving very fast and therefore he had to take the picture quite fast forgetting about focusing and framing.

He told that it was really a great a site, hundreds of penguins forced themselves out of the water and stood on to the ice above him. He felt incredible after taking the snap and thought that it was a once in a lifetime kind of event and he would never forget it.

Paul is a well known figure when it comes to clicking pictures of animal inhabitants of the coolest regions of the world. In his career, he clicked leopard seals, walruses, polar bears and a whole lot of other species in the tundra backdrop. All his pictures have a deep environmental message and he is concerned about global warming and how the environment is changing.

Nov 12

Ron Smith celebrating nature in his photographs

Ron Smith captures shots of nature whenever he travels through the trails of forests in Connecticut. Smith is the owner of Copper City Photography and he has captured snaps of everything starting sporting events to lighthouses to the sands of Arabia.

Still for Ron, who is also an avid nature enthusiast and hiker, would prefer to lose on the roads of the forests in Connecticut with his Nikon camera one day. He told that once he used to think that one neer to travel exotic places to capture great snaps. But now he knows that beauty exists everywhere. Spots like Macedonia Brook State Park (Kent), Lake Chamberlain (Bethany) and Tunxis State Forest have drawn Ron to capture snaps of waterfalls, paths and ponds.

Smith told that he is a kind of self taught photographer who came to know this craft by going after his brother in the woods with a thirty five mm camera. With a passion for hiking through the trails of Connecticut, Ron often goes to the Ansonia Nature Center and Osbornedale State Park, where he captures pictures of rabbits, birds, butterflies and even lightning.

He tells that he prefers to be outside and the solitude – the quiet and the peace. He just loves seeing the animals. One can just disappear and listen to the silence of the woods. Early morning light is his favorite as it is not harsh. The sun tends to be a lot lower; therefore one gets more shadow on things.