Wildlife photography program returns

The well known wildlife photography course is coming back to Lough Neagh Discovery Centre. Danny Gibson, a Semi-professional photographer, will host the 2nd of his series of 4 courses. The 2 day course will take place on Friday, 25th January, and Saturday, 26th January , from 10 am to 4 pm and it is open to all ability expertise and levels.

Danny Gibson is a full time member of AWFN (Amateur Wildlife Filmmakers Network) and also a Craigavon Borough Council employee. He has been clicking wildlife pictures in his spare time for 3 years with a long portfolio that specializes in outdoor and wildlife photography.

His eapertness has already been called upon by the in both radio and television with Danny Gibson featuring on BBC’s ‘Wild Week Live’ show and BBC Radio Ulster’s ‘Your Place and Mine’ program and having his snaps printed in different publications and calendars. The photography course will be first based at covering photographic theory, sample shots, field craft, techniques and equipment. the 2nd day will be outdoor and that will be based on working from natural cover and hides on the nature covering macro photography of fungi as well as taking pictures of bird species.

The whole program will cost £ 120 each person and it would offer all the important techniques and information required to get started in capturing the pictures of wildlife. Participants are told to bring their own equipments for photography and perfect outdoor clothings. To know more about the whole course, then contact the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre.


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